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    公司始終堅持顧客至上、誠信敬業、持續改進、追求卓越的質量方針,公司通過了ISO9000質量管理體系認證,產品通過譜尼的不含石棉、化學成分檢測,通過SGSRoHS十項、REACH SVHC檢測,以及MSDS報告。為國內數百家摩擦材料和密封材料客戶及歐美、中東、東南亞及非洲等客戶提供高品質REK系列產品。2015年獲得淮安市科學技術局和淮安財政局頒發的市級工程技術研究中心。

    Jiangsu REK High-Tec Materials Co., Ltd. has full experience in R&D, production and sales for reinforced fibre, ceramic fibre and whisker. Our company covers an area of 80 mu including 30,000 square meters workshop, 1,500 square meters R&D and testing center and 1,000 square meters employee activity center, annual production capacity of over 30000 tons.

    We focus on independent research and development and management innovation. We research and develop automated production lines of reinforced fibre, ceramic fibre and whisker independently after over 10 years production experience and technology accumulation. Stable high quality fibre which is applied to friction and sealing materials is produced by innovative production process and technology.

    Customer first, sincere dedication, continuous improvement, pursuit of excellence are our quality policy. We passed IS09000 quality management system certification. Our products passed a number of testing, such as Asbestos-free Inspection, EU TEN ROCH Test, REACH SVHC, MSDS, etc. We provide high quality REK products for customers from home and Europe and The United States, Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa. In 2015, We obtained City Engineering Technology Research Center from Huaian Science and Technology Bureau and Huaian Finance Bureau.


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